Digi-Nexus Academy

Digi-Nexus Academy Vietnam is an associate company of the ECOZEN International Group with their headquarter based in Malaysia.

Digi-Nexus provides courses and training for Industry4.0 Digital Transformation Upskilling to train Leaders, Managers and Supervisors who can spearhead the Industry4.0 Transformation of enterprises.

It conducts courses and certifications that introduce and teach the Industry4.0 transformation concept, its enabling technologies, its operation and production systems, its applications across the business value chain and how it can benefit manufacturing enterprises by improving their efficient, productivity and product quality.

Its programs besides academic content also provides practical knowledge training and experience on Industry4.0 transformation implementation through real-life hands-on project works. Digi-Nexus trained Leaders can advise, analyse, strategize, plan and implement a systematic and cost effective Ind4.0 transformation program for an enterprise.

Courses & Certifications by Digi-Nexus

  • Ind 4.0 Transformation Leader Certificate (CITL).
  • Ind 4.0 Central Process Visualization Management.
  • Ind 4.0 Factory Energy Management and Consumption.
  • Ind 4.0 Machine Condition Monitoring.
  • Ind 4.0 Factory Environment and Safety.
  • Certified Internet of Things Specialist (CIOT).
  • Machine Learning for Business Intelligence.
  • BigData Analytics and AI.
  • Certified Data Science Specialist.

About ITrainAsia

  • iTrainAsia is the collaboration partner of Digi-Nexus Academy in Vietnam.iTrain Asia Pte. Ltd is a digital technology certification body that provides a wide range of certifications in mobile application development, big data, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, fintech and digital marketing in major cities across Asia.iTrain equips and empowers organisations with industry-validated certification training and competency exams. It has its headquarter in Singapore with branch offices in Malaysia and Indonesia.iTrain’s effective transformative training methodology has made it the Official Training Partner of many MNCs and government agencies, including billion dollar corporations like Microsoft, AirAsia, IBM, HP, Prudential, Petronas, Shell, the Star, and more. To date, iTrain has a healthy growing global professional community of over 30,000 iTrain-ed alumni impacting diverse workplaces across SEA.

About Eco-SMART.biz

  • Eco=SMART.biz is a Division of Ecozen International responsible for the supply of Holistic & Integrated Industry4.0 Digital Transformation Services & Solutions to the manufacturing industries in Vietnam.Eco-SMART provides free plant survey for recommendation of Industry4.0 transformation upgrading to its customers.Eco-SMART strongly advocates step-by-step Systematic, Bottom-up, Holistic and Integral Approach to the adoption of Industry 4.0. Companies are recommended to start on a low-cost low-tech level but high ROI project to gain experience and confidence before moving up the tech stack to complex solution.Eco-SMART has invested in a real-life Industry 4.0 empowered production process for customers’ hands-on experience and understanding to demystify and demonstrate the application and benefits of Industry 4.0 solutions.

Our Mission

Digi-nexus Academy enables the digital transformation of employees and organizations, by developing and validating digital tech competences.

Digi-nexus Academy aspires to be the leading Certifications Body and Content Provider of Digital Transformation in Asia. We achieve this by providing industry validated Vendor-Neutral IT certifications and course content.

Join forces with us!

iTrain Asia Pte. Ltd works with an ever-widening network of Authorised Training Providers (ATPs) and Academy Partners (AAPs) to roll out high-quality digital tech certifications, exams, training and courseware to the masses.