Get Your People Certified

Certifications add credibility to your team’s knowledge base, upgrading their competency bandwidth and optimizing skills in important IT domains. iTrain Asia works with various organisations from the private, public and education sectors to identify in-house skills, assess workforce needs, as well as provide the certifications required to stay relevant and leapfrog ahead of the competition.

Why do certifications matter to my company? How do I get started?

Our iTrain Asia certifications span a wide range of subject matters pertinent to digital transformation today and beyond, helping your company:

  • Stay outfitted with today’s key competencies
  • Ensure that your team’s innovation culture and initiatives can carry you into your desired future
  • Create a clear growth roadmap for your employees and their individual careers
  • Mould teams to be innovation-minded as well as support the continued development of employees’ skill sets.
  • Retain good in-house talent and keep employees motivated
Join forces with us!

iTrain Asia Pte. Ltd works with an ever-widening network of Authorised Training Providers (ATPs) and Academy Partners (AAPs) to roll out high-quality digital tech certifications, exams, training and courseware to the masses.